An rpg i have been coveting for some time

There is ebay, there are dedicated shops which sell out-of-print rpg's, and then there are online shops such as Rpgnow and the like where you can find old games in pdf format. All of these help greatly to get those old school modules or games you were trying to find.

But even so, something remains out of reach. I ignore which games other fellows in the OSR are craving for, but for my part i sometimes find myself longing for a grim and gritty kind of "fantasy" rpg, so my thought goes to Heroes (1979) which i've been coveting for some years now and still am unable to locate at a decent price.

It would be interesting to know which games are most sought after in the OSR community once you complete your AD&D collection, though i suppose one of them is likely to be Mythus by Gary Gygax...

Unfortunately (for me) there are many others much more difficult to find, alas.


William said...

I really wish I could find so much as a badly scanned pdf of this one. It's a legendary treasure.

Pere Ubu said...

My Holy Grails of RPG collecting:

Spawn of Fashan


Legends & Loot - Portable Fantasy RPG (which is evidently a little package carrying an RPG *and* a die roller all in one!)

Dinky Dungeons & Small Space

And *reasonably priced* copies of the Ringworld RPG and The Fantasy Trip.

Philosophical slumber said...

@Jagatai: there's one on ebay right now if i'm not wrong, it is being sold by Kynan (aka TFM on Tome of treasures), it should be 60 dollars.
i can't afford it now 'cause i spent too much on other rpg's.

@Pere Ubu: i dream at night about SOF as you can read on another post. i conntacted the author, he asks 50 bucks. i posted a review, it seems it is not the complete mess it is said to be.didn't know Legends & Loot, as for Ringworld i should have it scanned.

as for Legacy, i don't know it but it's a rare gem, i'd like to peruse it as well.

Philosophical slumber said...


@as for Legacy, i don't own it (but i know it)..

Anonymous said...

I got a copy of Heroes back in September. The author Dave Millward seems to be still active in the wargaming scene, so perhaps he would consider reprinting through Lulu or something similar. It would work out a lot cheaper than trying to get one at collector's prices.

@Pere Ubu - I'd never heard of Legends & Loot and so did some searching with Google. I don't like your chances of finding a copy as it seems that at the most only 100 were produced and possibly a lot less.

I believe though that I have worked out what the plastic device was that the publisher used for the game.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that a game I always wanted but never actually saw a copy of was Witch Hunt.

Philosophical slumber said...

yes i'm intrigued by Witch hunt as well. last time i saw it on ebay i was on the point of buying it.

I should add to my list Phantasy Conclave (impossible to find), and Castle Perilous (Tenkar's tavern has a copy).

If i had these, (including Heroes) i would definitely scan them sooner or later as a gift for the future generations.

Pere Ubu said...

@David - Funny, as I happen to have a copy of Witch Hunt.

No, I'm not getting rid of it. ;)

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