Wizards' world

We'll probably never know. I can say, without fear of being belied, that a few (perhaps several) opted for Wizards'world instead of Dungeons & Dragons, although i haven't yet met any old fan personally.

Also, i would like to ascertain if the project of concocting such a game in 1983 was due to a dissatisfaction of some creative guy with the rpg's existing at the time or other reasons.Anyway, i feel there is still someone right now in some corners of the world who is playing it.



Anonymous said...

I didn't know of this game until you posted about it. Thanks for another glimpse into the history of RPGs.

Albert R. said...

Link is dead :-(

Philosophical slumber said...


Link fixed :)

Pulp Herb said...

I have a copy I bought way back in 1985 although I can't be counted as a fan. I played all of once (maybe twice).

When my HS friends and I headed off to college one went to UT in Austin, Texas. There he got into a group that was all about this game. It is through them I played it and got my copy.

When the OSR got me back into D&D and older games I dug it out. While it's not my #1 go to game and probably never will be it's a great game to mine for my drifting further and further from D&D musings.

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