Is "Realm of Yolmi" science-fantasy?

The Realm of Yolmi
, one of the rarest of RPGs, arrived in the mail yesterday. Truly an "alternative classic" in Bill Prozini's sense of the phrase, Yolmi is chock full of goofy ideas, amateurishly presented in a roughly 200-page spiral bound booklet. It has the nutty charm I look for in the RPGs of the 1970s.[...]

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Randall said...

Realm of the Yolmi is among the rarest games out there? Seriously?

It's definitely one of the silliest games I own. And yes, I'd call it science fantasy.

Philosophical slumber said...

I didn't say it to be one of the rarest. Text is taken from another website.

but yes, science-fantasy may be an appropriate term. It could be chosen instead of gamma world, it seems to me.

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