Miekka ja Magia (Sword & Magic) - 1987

I would love to hear someone who has ever played this fantasy rpg.

Translated automatically with Google from finnish language:

"Sword and Magic is a role to play adventure game where you and your friends can experience the breathtakingexcitement in underground caves and caverns dark adventure. Task is to find missing for centuries been the secret of gold-Aare, which is guarded by terrible monsters and mysterious spells using the Wizards. During the adventure you have to MonLineIn exciting life-threatening situations and fights. Vampires, snakes, gnomes, orcs and dragons are hungry for your blood, and only quick solutions, the exact sword attacks, and the controlled use of magic may beleading you into destiny."

Much information can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

I have this game but like to play its predecessor The Secret Treasure Of Raguoc In The Acirema Dungeons II. The rules are simpler. Some information of the Acirema II has appeared at www.roguelantern.com/blog, keep eye on it if you are interested in the game.

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