There's no room in my heart anymore for AD&D

Yesterday it happened for the first time: i was reading through the Player's handbook of AD&D 1st eidition...and i didn't feel anything. I knew it would happen, i didn't feel anything.

This game has nothing to give me anymore, while i was perusing the classes...monk, paladin, and then barbarian (Unearthed arcana), i thought- WTF is this? and then for one brief moment i tried to think about a monk, a paladin, and a barbarian going together around, adventuring.

And it all seemed so unreal, on the verge of impossibility.

But this game doesn't thrill me anymore, apparently. Maybe i'm wrong, i cannot be sure, but i feel fairly certain now that i was born to play some other fantasy rpg.

And i am happy of that. It would be long for me to explain why, suffice it to say that i don't feel in chains.

And with all this reasoning, a new idea dawned before me: basically, we are so different among one another. You like red wine, i'd sooner drink white wine than red, and vice-versa.

And there exist so many thinly different kind of wines, because we are aroused emotionally under very different circumstances. The sad thing of it all is that it is almost impossible to try to convey the uniqueness of a game to the mind of another fellow: if he likes red wine, it is likely he will stay stick to it.

Nonetheless, the greatest thing is that no-one is bound to play anything that he doesn't want to.

And that day came TODAY for me: AD&D seems unable to enthrall me, anymore.

But i am blissful notwithstanding.

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