Queeste (1979)

Here's your chance.

Translate this old fantasy role-playing game in english so as everyone can read it.
"Questee" was a fantasy RPG self-published in 1979.

A Dutch-language fantasy RPG, set in an extensively detailed fantasy world. It uses a class/level system that uses only six-sided dice, with an involved magical system inspired by the Earthsea books of Ursula LeGuin, including a functional magical language. The second edition is printed through Lulu, with the electronic version available free.


"Queeste is a Dutch role-playing game from 1979, written and published by Joop Oele. In creating the game he was inspired by his experiences in guided imagery and by a self-designed labyrinth game.
From 1992 onwards, the original books and adventures have been edited and reissued by a group of volunteers in cooperation with Joop Oele, along with some new stories.

In this role-playing game the characters have 18 attributes, such as physical strength, mental strength, the five senses, but also intuition and memory. For starting characters, physical and mental constitution have a value of 20 (the character is healthy), the values of most other attributes are on average 5, with a maximum of 10. Skills are derived from one or more attributes.

The game system uses a six-sided die and tokens (with a 'head' and a 'tails' side) to determine whether an action of a character succeeds. After determining the applicable attribute, the die is thrown in addition to a number of tokens equal to the value of the attribute. The number of 'heads' is added to the value of the die, and this must be higher than a predetermined threshold or higher than the total of an opposing player.

Queeste has a number of guilds which the characters of the players can join. These include the Sun Riders, the Druids, the Mages, the Wolves Women and the Jesters. Each guild has rules which the characters must follow, and certain benefits. By accumulating experience, characters can reach a high rank in their guild and may become high priest, for instance.

The magic system of Queeste is inspired by the Earthsea books by Ursula LeGuin. A mage has access to a number of words and grammar rules of the Old Hyksos language (more when he has a higher rank) and must weave them together to produce the desired magical effect".

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded all the Queeste files last year and considered having a go at translating the rulebook, but 182 pages is a lot to get through and so it remains a "perhaps one day" project.

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