Fantasy gamer's compendium (1983)

This is a fantasy rpg i know nothing about, i must admit it. I don't know why, it skipped under my radar, always.
Nonetheless, i suspect there is something interesting in it, particularly in "The Book of Sorcery" (Fantasy gamer's compendium is in fact composed of several books joined together).So this fantasy rpg eluded me, and i do want to know more of it, and it is likely i will buy it in the near future. I dislike the idea of a FRPG lying in the oblivion, because who knows what lurks beneath its surface?

If i am not wrong, the book of sorcery should contain not only spells but an entirely different magic system as well, which makes it all the more interesting, at least to me who have always been dissatisfied with that found in AD&D.

It is an OLD school fantasy rpg, no doubt about it (1983), and i would love to hear someone who actually played it or owns it.

On Dragonsfoot forum they don't know anything.

Other links: here, here and here, here, and some impressions here


Anonymous said...

Very short review here of some of the booklets that made up the earlier version.

perdustin said...

HERE is the link to the RPGGeek listing.

Gonster said...

It goes for pretty cheap at Noble Knight Games, and reads more like a D7D plug-in then an actual game.

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