Vikings & Valkyrs (1985) by Laurence Gillespie

I don't have this self-published fantasy/historical rpg (there only are a few copies scattered around in the world AFAIK), perhaps some fellow on Acaeum has it, but not mch more than that.

But i DO have an old article by the creator of this obscure rpg.





Anonymous said...

Is the article "Know Your Foe 101: Valkyries"? If so I spent some time yesterday trying to find a copy, but to no avail.

Philosophical slumber said...

yes it is.
to find a copy where? you mean on the web? if so, i'm pretty sure there isn't, that's why i linked to it.

Anonymous said...

That's because I'm a twit and didn't look at those links. I thought they were links to the cover scans. Thanks once again CL. :-)

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