Resurrecting forgotten fantasy RPG's

Thanks to David of Theresdungeondownunder, who pointed me towards this fantastic web page archived here, i have just resolved to use my blog in the future to revive and push forward this project.

I'm going to contact the guys who had this idea (if i can). To me, this sounds like an astounding project to pursue.

I already have in mind Bifrost, and other fantasy rpg's undeservedly sank into oblivion (Several came immediately to my mind, but it is not time to reveal them any further now).

Obviously it would be a good idea to advertise such a project everywhere, mostly on RPG.NET and RPGGEEK, to cite just a few.

Everyone who knows me is aware that i am not an AD&D (or D&D) guy, and that basically i am against the cult of D&D and the fixation on it. I regard myself as a dungeon master primarily concerned with other fantasy rpg's, many of which are nowadays forgotten, or considered obscure. And given my kind of obsession for lesser-known fantasy rpg's, perhaps i'm the right person to revive this project again.

It will be a long-term project, i'm not going to start tomorrow, in fact i'm not in a hurry.

Thanks again David for sharing the link!

And- a couple of links to begin with here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

I must admit I thought a zine would be better than a blog because blogs are ephemeral - they come and go and don't archive well. Still, it wouldn't be hard to turn blog entries into decently formatted pdf. A pdf has a better chance of being shared around and read over a long period than a blog entry, and a much better chance at surviving long term.

Philosophical slumber said...

yes i would prefer PAPER as well.
The truth is i hate the internet and everything virtual, and i would rather go back to paper.
The thrill of holding in your hands a physical copy of Dragon magazine, for instance, cannot be compared to reading it on your pc. Not to talk about the smell of the paper :)

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