Time to do some cleaning.

I have too many blogs listed in my blogroll. I think it is about time to do some cleaning, and choose which blogs to follow, which ones to adhere to. Those that i don't personally enjoy will be removed from the list.

I think it's normal after all, no one can follow all of the OSR blogs, that would mean to be pleased by everything, that is, to not have personal tastes.

To achieve this, i'm finally reading calmly many OSR blogs, and the effect they exert upon me is quite different as i skip fom one to the other.

At the same time i'm sorry because today i couldn't add any more blogs to my blogroll, i don't know why.
I tried today to add some of them that i just discovered and that i liked, but blogspot didn't enable me to do that, so it is likely i love some of you out there but i can't express my appreciation.I hope to be able to fix that.


Anonymous said...

The problem of not being able to add new blogs has been going on for a couple of weeks now. It is starting to get annoying.

Philosophical slumber said...

mmmm, i think maybe blogspot tries to block people from adding too many blogs on their blogrolls,maybe that kind of behaviour puts too much strain on google servers? that'd be odd.

Anonymous said...

I think it must be a software problem that they haven't yet fixed. You can have up to 300 blogs on your blog roll.

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