Advanced Phantasm Adventures (1988)

I'm always perplexed at how people forget rpg's from the past, the nigh impenetrable indifference that surrounds fantasy rpg's which are part of the hobby's history.

Honestly, i should say that i was used to being puzzled by this phenomenon, but now no more.
I take it for granted, and as years pass, i become more and more aware that the OSR has been a new infatuation of Dungeons & Dragons and absolutely no more than that (except for Grognardia website, which celebrates regularly many retrospectives of other games, and in so doing it provides an invaluable plethora of information for everyone and for the future generations as well).

So, to reiterate this, we have to add another forgotten fantasy rpg called "Advanced Phantasm adventures", and i bet only a few among us noticed that a totally new site emerged recently, entirely devoted to this old-school (horror?) fantasy rpg originally published in Japan in 1988 by Dai Nippon Kaiga company.

From the creator's website:

The first edition of the game started out as an alternative to my Dungeons & Dragons game way back in high school. The game was original, fun, and rich in new ideas and rules. The year was 1982. The game saw its next genesis In 1987 when I had the wonderful opportunity to live and go to school in Japan. During that year I decided to rewrite Phantasm Adventures, into Phantasm Adventures II (2nd Edition). The game also saw print in Japan, after meeting up with some gamers who led me to a Japanese game company.

check the entire story here.

Grab the 4th edition copy of the actual game here:


Other links of interest, here, here.

And for the curious ones, there is a review of the game in Dragon magazine issue 193, where the author praises in particular the magic system of the game.


Anonymous said...

Link is dead. Will you re-up it? Thanks.

Philosophical slumber said...


Bhoritz said...

Link is dead again. Any chance of a re-reup?

Philosophical slumber said...

Here you are:


Bhoritz said...

Thank you very much. I stumbled on the post and it made me really curious about the game.

Anonymous said...

Dead link is dead again. Anyone else have this? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Also looking for a re-up of this game, if someone has it.

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