May the OTHER fantasy RPGs live and prosper, in darkness

...nothing more than a bunch of dudes who decided their house rules were so important they needed to be published, generally for money.

You've just described the majority of the RPG industry post-OD&D 1974

How can you all say such a thing? If your beloved D&D had been published after the first fantasy rpg (which might have been Runequest, for instance), would you utter this phrase notwithstanding?
In that case your phrase would sound like this:

"You've just described the majority of the RPG industry post-Runequest 1974".

I respect your opinion, but i really cannot understand why a person is not willing, under any circumstances, to admit the unique peculiarity of ALL the other fantasy rpg's which appeared after d&d, wanting to reduce them all to little more than nothing or to a sort of PARODY of d&d.
This is definitely not broadminded.


Anonymous said...

CL you're taking this all too seriously, I was mostly being facetious with that comment. :-)

Philosophical slumber said...

Yes taking things too seriously is one of my shortcoming at times.

but i'm not angry with you :)

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