Harc es Varazslat (1991)

Ok, this evening a friend of mine gave me this fantasy rpg which i never saw in my life.

I don't have the slightest idea what it is, but it seems to be and old-school fantasy game. I can't even recognize the language in which it is written, it seems to me to be Czech or Slovak language, but i may be wrong.

I would like so much to be able to read and decipher it, but at present that is beyond my capacity.

Alas, a gate barring knowledge!

It contains several art pieces which depict scenes taken from Tolkien's work, and as far as i can tell this is not the rulebook but instead a sort of supplement detailing magic or something similar.

When you think you don't have many gaps in your understanding of the hobby, something suddenly pops up to remind you to be humble. So thanks to this game who showed my inability today.

It'd be interesting to hear from some fellow gamer of the country where this was published, how this game was like, its history, and any piece of valuable information.

EDIT: whilst writing this post, i stumbled upon this where a guy wrote the following:

There are some hungarian RPG-s as well:
Our very first RPG was Harc és Varázslat (Fight & Sorcery). Only the core game was released, and it was unfortunately not a big success, but its nevertheless one of my favorites. It used ten sided dice, and it was based on a percentile system. In feel it was similar to 1st ed AD&D, but simpler.


NARMER said...

Hi! This is a hungarian rpg, actually, its the very first hungarian rpg. The rpg is divided into two volumes, a booklet for the players, and abooklet for the game master. You have the game master booklet.
The system is a percentile based system, the game uses only D10 dice.
Its a generic fantasy game, unfortunatelly i don't like its combat system. But indeed, its really old school.

Philosophical slumber said...

thanks for the info Narmer ;)

i think it was never translated into english and possibly never will be, but who knows..

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