On Piracy - a reply

A friend of mine (James Smith from Dreamsofmythicfantasy) wrote a post about a post i wrote yesterday.It's obvious you were talking about me, hiding our names is pointless at this point.

First of all, the amazing thing: i logged into my blog some minutes ago and i found out i gained 4 new followers since yesterday. Amazing. Piracy (if what i did yesterday was piracy at all) can make miracles.

Second thing to consider: i assume that James was talking in his post about OSR products and not about old school products less recent. In any case, i am a bit puzzled at his very positive comment that i received when i posted this. (though i removed the link to the product some time ago). I cannot figure out the thin line of difference between "The dark eye" and Carcosa, as an example. Isn't "The Dark eye" still in print after all?

But, most importantly, i did nothing yesterday. I just pointed to a Google search query string, and besides,c'mon! everyone knows about 4chan, 7chan and the like- i didn't reveal nothing new with my post.
Is Google liable of infringing copyright if it points to Carcosa?
It would have been different if i had uploaded it myself somewhere and then passed the link to you all.

Apart all these consideration, i carefully considered if i may have inflicted some damage to the selling of Carcosa product writing that post. I'm skeptic about this, but since not everyone thinnks and behave like me, i deleted yesterday's post. I don't want to offend anyone. But, honestly, i still don't think that that made the difference.

If someone is really concerned with all this, go send a mail to the operators of 7chan in the Netherlands.
They are Satan, not I.

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