Thank you eternally Clark Ashton Smith

The following are the first three paragraphs of "The Eyrie" in the September 1930 issue (by now "The Last incantation" and "Sadastor" had appeared, in the June and July issues respectively):

The stories of Clark Ashton Smith have aroused tremendous enthusiasm in our readres. Mr. Smith, whose poetry has been one of the brightest features of Weird Tales, is now hailed by many as a new find in the fiction world because of the high literary quality and compelling fantasy of his short tales in this magazine.

V.P. Miner, of Sacramento, California, writes to the "Eyrie":

"Just a note of appreciation, nothing more: a man and his work - no matter how great his tasks- must occasionally be compelled to pause now and then and listen for echoes. Lately i have come upon a story now and then by Clark Ashton Smith. I believe you have recognized an artist and put him to work. His stories have care,there are beauty and art in every line. His imagination is distinct, the mystery of his background is amazing.
And within it all there exists a philosophy. I believe you have reached out among the thousands of present-day writers and placed your hands on a real "find".

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