Fantasy role play made easy (1985)

To me, this is one of the most sought-after item ever, but i'll probably never get a chance to read it in my entire lifetime, due to its rarity.

FRP made easy was a self-published book more than 200 pages long which attempted to improve the 1st edition of the AD&D game and was a complete system in one volume.
I don't have any hints at what its actual contents were, i can only guess, but i find myself daydreaming every day about it.

In what could an "improvement" of AD&D consist of back in 1985? Streamlining of the rules, or maybe a complete re-writing of them? (in order to make them easier,as the title seems to suggest).

And who used this instead of AD&D at that time? From a purely historical point of view (and for historical values as well) such questions are worth pondering.

I would love so much to be able to peruse the rules of this fantasy rpg, and see with my own eyes this different interpretation of what AD&D should have been like, in the intentions of FRP made easy's authors.

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